Solvent 402 and 404

Considering the increasing need to petroleum products and converting them to more valuable products such as Solvent 402 and 404, gas, gasoline and various types of blended fuels and complements, Petro Liyan Vision Company has focused on answering the needs of target countries to energy while attracting financial resources. Our activity is mainly aimed at improving the oil and refinery industry in the private sector, and taking a niche market from the vast market of petroleum products exports.

After receiving required licenses and permits from the Environmental Protection Organization and getting committed to observe environmental, health and safety standards, Petro Liyan Vision used the latest knowledge and technologies to construct mini refineries based on the entirely domestic equipment, tools and technologies. The process of construction of this mini refinery included design, building, equipping and commissioning, and it is based at Salafchegan Special Economic Zone.

Now we have attained the goal of producing light and heavy hydrocarbons through distillation of gas condensates in the light of using the domestic knowledge and expertise of our specialists, after passing standardization and getting the approval of the Iranian National Standardization Organization.



Being located at the capital of Iran as well as the special economic zone, Petro Liyan Vision is able to seal the to-be-exported commodities at Salafchegan Zone under supervision of Iran Customs Organization and Iranian National Standardization Organization, after the inspection process. These commodities will be sent to the destination country without any stops or further inspections.

Considering the above conditions, we intend to become a leading company in producing hydrocarbons and exports. Our vision is to become the most reputable and well-known producer of petroleum products in the territory by developing our company, increasing our production rate and using hardworking and trustworthy staff, as well as offering competitive prices according to the international standards.



Petro Liyan Vision produces and supplies products such as light and heavy hydrocarbons and white spirit to answer the needs of target countries to energy and fuel.